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Co-invest in startups from Pangstart Accelerator

Smart Innovation Norway (SIN) and Angel Challenge (AC) are joining forces to help you make better investments and expand your investor network.

Throughout the Pangstart Accelerator program we meet 5 afternoons, discuss the participating companies, create new valuable investor relationships, learn about deep tech investments, and work towards creating high quality investment opportunities in 3-5 startups.

Program overview

Session 1

Meet the startups

Session 2

Startup Evaluation and DD introductions

Session 3

Due Diligence and Deal negotiations

Session 4

Deal negotiation and fundraising planning

Session 5

Investor day – sharing investment opportunities

Work together with a selected group of investors on screening, due diligence and deal negotiation.

Get early access to the SIN’s dealflow, and take part in negotiating the terms for your investments.

Work together with up to 20 other investors, and build your network of active investors wanting to get access to startups from the SIN community.

Angel Challenge


Angel Challenge has delivered more than 30 programs for syndicate investors since 2015, and has developed an efficient and proven process on how investors effectively can conduct a syndicate investment process and come to shared decisions to invest or not invest in a startup from their portfolio.

These are the requirements:

  • Room for more investments in your portfolio.
  • Requires minimum 50 000,- NOK in available funds
  • Investor participation fee of 4 500,- NOK

Why startup investing?

  • Asset allocation. Optimize the performance of your portfolio with strategic allocation of investments and diversification.
  • Fund the future. Help the job creators and innovators of the future.
  • Promising returns. The venture asset class has seen promising aggregate returns as a whole.
  • Build a network. Gain exposure to entrepreneurs and relevant investors in your community

What you will learn

What you will get

  • Participants learn startup investing by working with and evaluating companies with the intention to select the best investment cases.
  • Deal flow. Participants in the program will have unique access to Smart Innovation Norways, AngelChallenge and Startup Norway’s deal flow of startups. Become part of the Angel Challenge and Smart Innovation Norways Investor network.
  • Angel Challenge counts with an extensive network of angel investors and venture capitalist, both in Norway and abroad.
  • By joining the course, participants will get access to valuable investor tools.

how to attend?

We will focus on making the investor group diverse to increase the likelihood of the startups to succeed. Therefore we will familiarize ourself with the interested investors and have three admission rounds with the program committee (once a month from Aug), before program start in October.

The program does only have a small fee for investors on the courtesy from Smart Innovation Norway who are financing the program.
All investors must have and intention to invest, but are not obligated unless real interest are created.

If you are curious about learning more, let us know you are interested, and we will keep you informed.


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