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Pangstart Accelerator: Demo Day 2020

A unique investment opportunity

On December 1st, eleven tech scaleups will enter the stage to present their investor pitch at Smart Innovation Norway’s Simulation Center in Halden. This is a unique opportunity for you as an investor to meet ambitious scaleups of high quality looking to close new funding rounds. 

The companies have been carefully selected to participate in our accelerator program and worked closely with business developers, serial entrepreneurs and personal mentors for three months to develop their business further.

Meet our scaleups

Get to know the eleven selected scaleups which will present their business case on Demo Day. 


We deliver the most unique fishing-app in the world. The best fishermen of Norway have marked 42.000 areas and 16 different species on the coastline. And – if you catch any, just take a picture of it and our AI-service will tell you what you have caught. 

Trond Are Gjone 
+47 95079500 


OneTraffic is the world’s fastest artificial intelligence and network for situational messages. The AI will keep you safe and informed by delivering the messages you need at the right time and place.

Andre Eilertsen
+47 9001191

Leid will change people’s consumption patterns from buying to renting tools and equipment. We make tools and equipment available 24/7 and make it so easy and flexible to rent, so you do not have to invest in expensive equipment you rarely use, to fix and take care of your home. 

Thommy Tellefsen
+47 95186139


Völur develops advanced AI models that optimize the cutting and processing of raw materials in the meat industry, so customers create value by using fewer resources to satisfy market demand.Our disruptive tools are changing the meat industry from using traditional decision-making tools to using advanced AI models that recommend the most optimal and cost-effective production options. 

Robert Ekrem
+47 95708019


Boxeez is a global shopping cart that make all products on the internet, from abroad, available to buy and conviniently priced to your door inclusive freight and import costs. 

Peter Lirvall
+ 47 40874999


Tollit offers a digital solution for customs clearance, payment and returns of goods B2C. Instead of an expensive, time-consuming and complicated import solution, we offer a digital solution for declaring goods that is cheap, simple and easy to understand for the consumer. A user-friendly app, one app for “all your packages”.

Kim Trengereid
+47 40227858 

Rubato Booking

Rubato Booking is a digital booking platform connecting artists and music event organizers. We streamline the whole booking process, and makes the communication between the artist-side and the organizer-side more effective, by including administrative tools, such as digital signatures of contracts, time scheduling tools, and payment solutions. 

Jørgen Aase
+47 93675223 


Storeshop offers a turnkey and reasonably priced B2 e-commerce platform for wholesalers who want to streamline their working day and automate time-consuming routines. 

Fabian Borch 
+47 45426484 


Our system consists of a plug-n-play smart-camera for easy installation, video recording based on fish identification for pre-processing on the spot, and a software platform with SaaS-solutions for easy analysis and reporting. 

Mathias Elvestad
+47 98899810

Product Office

SaaS to achieve the UNs SDGs faster, better and cheaper: processes, methodologies and tools that help them manage the full life cycle of their products & services – from idea generation and ranking, all the way to portfolio management. 

Geir Westgaard
+47 47246189


Movel relieves the board by taking responsibility and secure predictable charging and accurate invoicing to the residents. Alleviating stress and discontent among neighbors. We also take ownership of the power meter to the charging site, allowing us to ensure acquisition of guaranteed renewable energy at a competitive price. 

Per Th. Magnor
+47 91155000

Logo Pangstart Accelerator

Pangstart Accelerator

Pangstart Accelerator is powered by Smart Innovation Norway, one of Norway’s leading incubators.

The Agenda for Demo Day

13:00 Welcome to Demo Day
13:10 Introduction of our investor panel
13:25 Presentations from our scaleups
14:20 Break
14:30 Presentations from our scaleups
15:30 Break
15:45 Presentations from our scaleups
16:30 – 16:40 Wrap up

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If you have any questions regarding Demo Day, do not hesitate to contact our project manager
Matias Heggdal

Matias Heggdal

Project Manager


Tel: +47 466 926 06

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